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The purpose of this page is to make available information on the Edwards and related families, specifically Andersen, Berg, Davis, Farvid (فروير), Floor (Φλογέρας), Franklin, Gray, Jenkins, Kudrna, Larsen, Moore, and Trinkl, which originate in New Zealand, Iran, England, Wales, Greece, Scotland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, and other parts of Europe. I have withheld details on those individuals who are or may be still alive, for obvious reasons.  Their names only will appear, without photos or other information (though this information may well exist)*.  Please feel free to contribute comments or corrections. As always, this is a work in progress, and hence, will never be totally complete.   There are plenty of mistakes, but with your help, I can increase the quality of the database.  This page is also here to provide genealogical services and links to genealogical helps.


Thanks to all those who have contributed information in one way or another, especially Alan A. Farvid, Hossein Farvid, Clifford H. Edwards, the late Selden Taylor, Evelyn Jensen, Frances Jackson, Harold M. Berg, Ray Abbott, Joan and David Sisson, Lynda Robinson, Ian Clapham, the Larsen Family History Organization, Wendell Rawlings, Sue Simonich, Rosie Floor, Janet Doyle, Dick Brougham, and many many others.


*If you are a relative, who would like to get even more photos and a GEDCOM with more information on living relatives, please e-mail me, and I will be glad to ship you a DVD snail mail, with this information.



Professional Research Services – Czech Republic

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For those needing genealogical research services for areas within the current boundaries of the Czech Republic (Bohemia, Moravia, and portions of Silesia), I am accredited with the ICAPGen organization, and will provide these services for $30.00/hour plus expenses.  For information on Czech research, please see my Czech Research Outline.  For more information, please e-mail me.



Edwards and Related Families


This second presentation shows how you can personally be involved in indexing Czech and Slovak records, which are being microfilmed in Europe at the present time.  It should be possible to begin near the end of 2008.  Id be glad to take your name and e-mail and get in touch with you when we begin, if you are interested.

3.    LDS Holdings of the Czech and Slovak Republics.ppt

4.    LDS-TCGS Archive Project.ppt

These last two PowerPoint presentations were given at the Texas Czech Genealogical Society conference 5-6 June 2009 in Caldwell, Texas.

Various Lines?


n  Norwegian lines:  I have added over a hundred Norwegian names to the Berg and Andersen lines, taken from bygdebøker in Dec 2002. 

n  Czech and Austrian lines:  Ive added several hundred names on these lines, which I researched in Europe in September 2003. 

n  Danish lines:  Ive just discovered that someone is working on the Anne Marie Baggesen line from Copenhagen (found in IGI, submitted 2002).  I hope I can prove through a will that Herman Baggesen is the father of Anne Marie.  If this connection is correct, they switched from patronymics to using a fixed surname by this time.

n  German names:  Only two names were added to my German line, (in the Dames family) from my Europe trip.  I did, however, find many Wittes in Quedlinburg in tax records.  Although the relationships cant be proven until, for example, wills in Magdeburg are checked, they are undoubtedly related.  I checked four Zeitz parishes, but I was not able to find our Elsholtz family.  However, I did find several families there of that name.  I have included these many miscellaneous Dames, Eslholz, and Witte names I was unable to connect to the famliy, in a GEDCOM below. 

*Note that when using Windows XP with this program, the Arabic character ligatures will not be created properly (stand-alone versions of characters only are shown).  The only fix I know of is using the Arial Unicode MS font, available with Microsoft Office.  There is no problem viewing the characters with Windows 95, 98, or 2000, however.

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